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Styles of telling the Good News of Jesus – questionnaire

Disciples of Jesus who are filled with the Holy Spirit tell others the good news of Jesus with God’s love and power.

This questionnaire will point you towards styles of telling the good news which fit the way God has made you. Read each of the statements and record how you think that statement fits you. Your choices are from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest match to who you are, and 5 the highest. Here’s a description of what each number means:

5……..That’s totally me
4……..Often like me
3……..Somewhat like me
2……..Rarely like me
1……..That’s not me at all

1. It is easy for me to speak to people about the need to turn away from sin to God.

2. I like to show others the evidence I have analysed for Christian faith.

3. I like getting to know other people by listening well to their story.

4. I choose to do the practical jobs no one else wants to do.

5. I get excited when there is a party planned that I can invite my friends to.

6. When I read the book of Acts the signs and healings are what stands out most for me.

7. I have dreams of people and places I feel led to pray for or to go and find.

8. It’s natural for me to build friendships with those who do not know Jesus.

9. When I have a goal in a conversation, I just go straight to the point as I don’t want to waste time.

10. I enjoy getting into a debate with people from other beliefs.

11. People enjoy it when I tell a story.

12. When I’m at a party I always offer to help out in the kitchen.

13. When I hear about a Christian event, I actively plan which of my friends the event is most appropriate for.

14. I strongly believe that many people need to experience the [miraculous] power of God in order to be saved.

15. God leads me to people through pictures and/or names.

16. I love chatting with people to get to know them rather than get them to discuss ideas.

17. It is easy for me to speak to a stranger on the street about Jesus.

18. I give time to study to be able to answer tough questions about faith.

19. When I tell my Christian story, I do it in a way that relates to the listener.

20. During a team effort I am happiest serving Jesus practically, behind the scenes.

21. When there are flyers for a special occasion, I always take a few extra to make sure I have enough.

22. When someone tells me that they are unwell, I often feel stirred that God wants to heal them and I offer to pray for them.

23. Individuals in a crowd will ‘stand out’ to me as if God had put a spotlight on them.

24. I have a number of friends who I hang out with and over time want to speak to about Jesus.

25. I tend to give my opinion even on current controversial topics

26. I like to set out a logical pathway for people to come to know Jesus.

27. I get excited by the opportunity to tell people what Jesus has done in my life.

28. I like to make friends with people that others may find challenging.

29. I find I can easily bring friends along to a gathering at church or in the home.

30. I pray that we may see more demonstrations of God’s power amongst us.

31. An inner voice prompts me to ask a specific question that leads to a God-focussed discussion.

32. It’s easy for me to gather some non-Christian friends for a meal or party as they seem to enjoy my company.

33. I aim to be as clear as possible with people about the Gospel so that they get the point.

34. I pass on books or Podcasts that address common questions about Christian faith.

35. I’m more interested in talking about what Jesus has done in my life than I am in debating ideas.

36. I feel as if I help to make things happen in ways that may not be obvious to free up others to speak about Jesus

37. I have an ability to gather new people around me.

38. When I see demonic oppression, I recognise it and pray in the moment to see the person set free.

39. God gives me pieces of unknown information as I am building a connection or sharing about Jesus

40. If I meet a friend to disciple them, I’m likely to spend more time just enjoying their company than talking about faith.